Macbeth; in Pitch Black

Basement Studio
Firestation Centre for Arts and Culture

“Stars hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires”

Following the success of its first tour earlier this year, London Contemporary Theatre presents their unique production of William Shakespeare’s greatest masterpiece Macbeth.

Join us for Shakespeare’s shortest, paciest tragedy “Macbeth”, performed in the round and in darkness. Feel every treacherous moment with Macbeth and learn what it’s like to never quite know who’s watching you as the plot thickens into darkness and despair. Feel Macbeth being easily led by words as he and Lady Macbeth wade deeper into blood. Will the witch’s prophecy of Macbeth becoming King come to life or are they leading him into fallacy? Only time will tell.

London Contemporary Theatre is committed to creating exciting, fast-paced Theatre and Radio Theatre. Using live original music they strive to bring classical theatre to contemporary audiences.

A truly immersive theatre experience.”

Shakespeare back to basics, making the language centre stage rather than elaborate set or costumes." Get Reading on Macbeth; In Pitch Black