Firestation Martinis

Our Martinis…

Stolichnaya Vodka or Bombay Gin, shaken or stirred over vermouth coated ice & finished with a twist & a double olive.

Bikini Martini (you wish!)
Grenadine and pineapple juice make this drink the joyous occassion that it is.  Windsor may be land locked and the weather may be dreary but this Coconut Rum Martini will help to make up for it with fantasies of a sunkissed beach!

Burnt Martini
Fancy a change?  This fellow, Gin singed with Bourbon or Scotch, is a little harsher than its vermouth kissed brethren.  Enjoy!

Martini Mojito
Release the fever with a mint smashed martini a splash of lime!

A pretty in pink lend of  Stolichnaya Vodka, triple sec, festive Cranberry juice & lime, shaken over ice & garnished with flamed orange zest.

All Martinis £7.25

Alternatively Charge your spirit up with any of our fun and sophistacated pure spirits. All you have to do is ask!

Oh and drink responsibly!

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